Why Choose CMO4Hire?

Boiled Frog VS. Dragonfly

Over the last 10 years, the urgency of online marketing and customer has exponentially accelerated for ALL businesses. Why? Online is where your customers are, more than ever before. It’s also where your competitor’s lurk, in all industries, big and small. It’s a tough job to maintain an online presence.

But you HAVE to. Boiled Frogs! Business late to the game won’t even know they are in trouble before it’s too late. It’s better to be a dragonfly, consistently outperforming competitors across all dimensions of your online presence.

agile  strong  be a dragon.  fly

Business that are winning online are using a comprehensive strategy and performance measurement — that’s what we do best.

The CMO4Hire “Digital Brand Sales Funnel” approach and forecasting/tracking data algorithms have been developed over the last 20 years, helping B2B software and hardware companies of all sizes compete intelligently online.

What? A marketing firm that’s accountable for results? Crazy!

Depending on the skills and needs of both your team, your organization and other vendors, we’ll work with you to create multi-channel performance marketing as unique as your are.

Thanks for your interest. Let’s get started!

Stephen King Stephdokin Calgary CMO CMO4Hire

Stephen King, BCS, CFP
CEO, Managing Director


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CMO4Hire team picture

Qing Li

A recent graduate from the University of Calgary, Qing is our intern extraordinaire. He plays the alto sax and is quickly learning to become an online marketing expert.

Quote: “First you learn, then you remove the L.”


Jose Deguzman

With a love for copywriting and dancing in the middle of the road, Jose does great web work! He is an Infusionsoft expert so watch your email conversions skyrocket.

Quote: “I don’t wanna alarm you guys but I think I just broke the internet”



Riley Kearl

With over 3 years digital marketing experience, Riley has become an expert in sales funnel optimization. He has a passion for photography and a love for pushups.

“Thanks for asking about the interwebs, it’s wild and crazy but we will make sense of it for you”



Stephen King

Mr. King is the author of many books…I mean blogs, so not THAT Stephen King. He enjoys guitar playing, long walks in the forest and growing plants in his garden.

“I’ve programmed a million lines of code (3 of which are comments)”



Liam Goguen

Liam is our expert in marketing and financial modelling for both our clients and our DBMMA programming.

“I eat data for breakfast.”


Stephanie Kincaide

Without Stephanie we would all be dead in the water, from invoicing to payments she does it all. She is the back office glue that keeps us together.

“Be prepared”



Jermaine Ilao

As the creative director for everything photo and video related, Jermaine has the ability to guide content that connects with the hearts of viewers.

“Move a little to the left, keep your hands down and speak in a high pitched manaical tone while looking past the camera”



Doug Kneller

Mediocre musician, hockey connoisseur, and non-flinging code monkey, Doug Kneller is passionate about more things than for which he has time.

“When you wish upon a falling star, your dreams can come true. Unless it’s really a meteorite hurtling to the Earth which will destroy all life. Then you’re pretty much hosed no matter what you wish for. Unless it’s death by meteor”



Here’s some darn good reasons why we’re your perfect online marketing partner.

We take a comprehensive, multi-channel approach to your online success.


Analytical, yes. But passionate too. And, curious. All good things.
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If Content is King, the Design is Queen. Data is the Jack.


We protect your online brand. Maintain ownership and control of your digital brand equity across the Internet.


We deliver short-term results and increase the long-term value of your online brand.


We work virtually. We’ll do business through web tools or come to your office, as needed and for periodic reviews.


We compliment your internal team; we have a wide-range of experience and skill-sets as we work with local, global and crowd-sourced consultants.