Boiled Frogs: 11 Reasons Companies Don’t Embrace Digital Marketing

Boiled Frogs: 11 Reasons Companies Don’t Embrace Digital Marketing

Over the last 5 years, the urgency of online marketing and customer experience has exponentially accelerated for ALL businesses of ALL sizes in ALL industries. Why? It’s where your customers are. But, it’s also where your competitor’s lurk.

It’s a tough job to maintain an online presence on an ongoing basis — even tougher to out-maneuver your competition! But you HAVE to. Boiled Frogs!

Businesses ignoring their online brand don’t know they are in trouble before it’s too late.


11 reasons companies don’t embrace online marketing

  1. The CEO doesn’t understand it, the opportunity it provides, nor the damage it’s doing to their company by not being a leader online (i.e. more than just a static brochure website).
  2. The VP Marketing is threatened as they’ve built their internal team, their empire and their career on traditional marketing channels and tactics.
  3. Competitors are way out in front with their online presence and the company doesn’t realize how far behind they are.
  4. The company believes that potential customers don’t do research online for their products before contacting them; “In OUR industry, that’s not the way we do business … “
  5. In times of economic stress, the marketing budget is one of the first things that is cut. And, certainly, the company can’t possibly stop any of their traditional marketing work to fund new online initiatives.
  6. The controller’s nephew is “really good at Facebook, maybe he can help.”
  7. Marketing data scares the company; no one is measuring it, no one knows what to measure, and no one would know what to do even if data *was* available.
  8. Online marketing data also scares their ad agency because they don’t quite get it either. But, they know it will hold them accountable and they can’t bill as much, so … it’s business as usual.
  9. “We tried that already a couple years ago, remember?”
  10. Digital marketing is not as flashy as glossy brochures; also you also can’t hold digital marketing in your hand.
  11. “This year, the trade show booth WILL work, you’ll see.”

Businesses that are successful online use an intentful short- and long-term strategy, comprehensive tactics (co-ordinated between online and offline marketing initiatives), and performance measurement with analytics and dashboards. If you want to be one of those businesses, let us know.

Be careful out there,



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