CMO4Hire Services & Software applied to Startup Commons “Startup Development Phases” Framework

CMO4Hire Services & Software applied to Startup Commons “Startup Development Phases” Framework

It’s no secret that the Alberta tech community is exploding right now (especially for those of us in the industry). Consider the Calgary Herald’s article from earlier this year: 3 years ago, this article would have never been written, let alone be put on the business section front page.

Click here for a high-res .PDF:
Startup Commons Development Phases with CMO4Hire Services Fall 2017

Here are three points to consider regarding why this growth is happening:

  1. The number of tech companies in Alberta is 1,373 Alberta tech companies (in 2016, up 49% from 735 in 2012). This is from a AEC Alberta Deal Flow Study: Many people say we’re already over 2,000 and anticipated to be over 3,000 by 2020. There are a LOT of startups coming up through the ranks Calgary, Edmonton and many in-betweens (Lloydminster, Red Deer, Lethbridge). Who are these people? Many have ex-oil patch technology or business dev people leading the charge. Add to this the success of programs at MRU, UofC, Bow Valley, UofA … and specialized education like Lighthouse Labs … flooding the streets with solopreneurs and fearless Saas warriors. Lastly, the 2nd and 3rd generation of Alberta tech entrepreneurs are like a ripple in the ocean … as more companies like Intuit, Bioware (Edmonton) and Smart, iStockPhoto (Calgary) grew locally, more and more of the teams at those companies are realizing their dreams of their own technology startup.
  2. Thanks to the Rainforest organization in Alberta, their notion of a “social contract” has swept through our tech community. “Rainforest Alberta is an informal organization of people working together to improve Alberta’s innovation ecosystem.” Alberta is morphing into a culture of innovation & entrepreneurship. The ecosystem is buoyed by high interest in all levels of gov’t and education in Albertan tech diversification.
  3. There is more accessible gov’t and private funding for Alberta startups than ever before. The Accelerate I and II fund. The Alberta Investment Tax Credit. Alberta Innovates Vouchers. Tecterra Launch Program.

We’re super proud to be a Tecterra ASP (Approved Service Provider) as well as a Vendor for Alberta Innovates (micro)-vouchers. We can help assess and assist you with gov’t funding applications. Contact us

Startup Commons “Startup Development Phases”

Most organizations in the Alberta tech community have been recognizing the Startup Commons “Startup Development Phases” Framework.  It’s a great “shared language” to help understand where a company is in its lifecycle and what the team needs to do to get traction to scale.

CMO4Hire Business Planning & Marketing Services

In order to explain what we do (and with great appreciation to Startup Commons), we overlayed our services to their framework:
CMO4Hire Services on Startup Commons Startup Development Phases Framework Business Planning SEO Cash Flow Forecast PPC

Click here for a high-res .PDF: Startup Commons Development Phases with CMO4Hire Services Fall 2017

Starting-up, Scaling and Establishing

At CMO4Hire, we’re excited about helping startups just starting up as well as established tech companies that are scaling.

  • Our DBMMS (Digital Brand Marketing Management System) platform is at the heart of our processes. “1Forecaster” and “1Tracker” software helps companies forecast, track and hit growth milestones.
  • Our 9 Monthly Marketing Management services are driving double-, and triple-digit growth for our customers. As an ASP (approved service provider) for Tecterra, these services can be part of your Market Launch Program (MLP) financing if you have a geo-spatial app.
  • For startups of all industries, our business planning services include full Market Assessments, Go-To-Market strategies & an 8-Year cash flow pro-forma financial forecast that’ll knock your socks off. Perfect for Alberta Innovates micro-Voucher funding.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact us at to arrange a chat. Hope we can help and thanks for readin’.

Stephen King

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