Free SEO Report

cmo4hire_review_seo-com_2016-10-06_07-16-55-2 free SEO reportThis extensive technical SEO report is provided free-of-charge. You know why? We like you and want to help.

This audit specifically looks at the technical factors on your website that can help accomplish the goal of attracting more traffic.*

At CMO4Hire, we categorize these factors into five areas: content quality, technical proficiency, SEO, usability and social reach. These are key to increasing awareness of your site in search engines and social sites, as well as engaging users to help them tell other people about you.

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The actions in this report will help you increase the likelihood that more traffic will come to your site.

Why? Because Search Engines will better understand who you are and present it to potential visitors when they enter keywords related to your content. This report will not help you optimize your site for increased engagement, lead conversion or sales close (we can help you with all of it, of course).

The rank given is a grade, on a 100 points scale, that represents your website’s SEO Marketing Effectiveness.

The algorithm is based on over 50 criteria; and it is updated frequently to reflect the latest nuances in search algorithms, as well as the pace of consumer and business adoption of new technologies.

Average ranking for your free seo report is between 55 and 65

A rank lower than 50 means that there is a lot of areas to improve. We’ve found that 55 is about average. A rank above 70 is a good mark, 75 is awesome. Pay attention to the actionable advice to improve a site’s traffic objectives. It’s important to address your most significant opportunities — there’s probably some low hanging fruit that’s quick and impactful that you can do right away.

You have to do this frequently.

With our clients, we watch these diagnostics (as well as several others we run) on at least a monthly basis, if not more. Constant maintenance is the key to gaining opportunity online.

*A website needs to do three things really well:
  1. Attract traffic: Compelling content so that the site draws traffic to itself through viral social media, search SEO excellence, SEM quality, etc…
  2. Convert traffic to leads. The convert leads to either a shopping cart or an inside sales person.
  3. Close sales (if it’s an eCommerce site). If sales are to be closed by your sales team, then the website needs to help support that journey, too.