Over 5,000 solutions in Marketing Technology Landscape 2017 Infographic reflects simplicity and complexity of modern marketing

Over 5,000 solutions in Marketing Technology Landscape 2017 Infographic reflects simplicity and complexity of modern marketing

Chiefmartec.com has been releasing its “Marketing Technology Landscape” infographic for marketers since 2011. We are big fans! Fast-forward to 2017, and the number of technology solutions for marketers has increased from 150 to over 5,381.

That’s a blind-numbingly average growth of 67% every year for the last 7 years (CAGR), with no signs of slowing down.

Marketing technology landscape from 2011 to 2017 Chiefmartec cmo4hire stephdokin


Marketing technology makes our lives as marketers easier and simpler.

The marketing solutions offered today ain’t your Daddy’s software. The solutions are mature. They make boring jobs fun. They look and work slick. And they bring a level of sophistication, integration and customer personalization never before possible.

… and more complex.

It’s also made our lives incredibly complex as we try to discover and knit together all the solutions. The bar for excellence continues to be raised at an exponential level.

With so many solutions, marketers are now faced with the concept of “marketing stacks,” wherein they align solutions to the needs of the organization, and then connect the solutions together. Most of the time with twine and duct tape (haha).

A marketing technology stack is a set of software components needed to create a complete platform that allows marketers to analyze, manage, execute and improve their tactics.

Marketing executives around the world are spending much more time working and re-working their marketing technology stack than ever before.

To see how the marketing exec’s approach it, Chiefmartec has done a wonderful job putting together 57 different one-pagers reflecting marketing stacks in corporations of all different sizes. See our blog post “How does your marketing technology stack stack-up?”: http://www.cmo4hire.com/marketing-technology-stack-stack/

Why CMO4Hire?

Honestly, the accelerating complexity of marketing technology is one of the main trends as to why we are helping an increasing number of companies at CMO4Hire. We know that organizations are struggling to keep up with deliverables let alone embrace digital trends / connect & integrate solutions. CMO4Hire strategic roadmaps (derived from our Digital Brand Audits) combined with monthly marketing services allows us to optimize agile marketing approaches with our customers AND help them install, set up and optimize use of whatever tools they’re using.

Marketing technology landscape 2017 chiefmartec cmo4hire

See their whole article here: http://chiefmartec.com/2017/05/marketing-techniology-landscape-supergraphic-2017/

You can download higher-resolution versions of this graphic directly from Chiefmartec, which you’ll need to zoom into in order to read it:

Marketing Technology Classification

Huge shout-out to Chiefmartec for their most-awesome work. We love the software tool classification system that was created for the analysis:

  • Advertising & Promotion
    • Mobile marketing
    • Display and programmatic marketing
    • Search and social advertising
    • Native / content advertising
    • Video advertising
    • Print
    • PR
  • Content & Experience
    • Mobile Apps
    • Video marketing
    • Interactive content
    • Email marketing
    • Content marketing
    • Optimization, personalization and testing
    • DAM & MRM (Digital Asset Management and Marketing Resource Management)
    • SEO
    • Marketing automation & Campaign / Lead management
    • CMS & Web experience management
  • Social & Relationships
    • Call analytics & management
    • ABM
    • Events, meetings & webinars
    • Social media marketing & monitoring
    • Advocacy, loyalty & referrals
    • Influencers
    • Feedback & Chat
    • Community & Reviews
    • Experience, service & success
    • CRM
  • Commerce & Sales
    • Retail & proximity marketing
    • Channel, partner and local marketing
    • Sales automation, enablement & intelligence
    • Affiliate marketing & intelligence
    • eCommerce marketing
    • eCommerce platforms & carts
  • Data
    • Audience / market data & data enhancement
    • Marketing analytics, performance & attribution
    • Mobile & web analytics
    • Dashboards & data visualizations
    • Business / customer intelligence & data science
    • iPaas, Cloud / Data integration & tag management
    • DMP
    • Predictive analytics
    • Customer data platforms
  • Management
    • Talent management
    • Product management
    • Budgeting and finance
    • Collaboration
    • Projects & workflow
    • Agile & lean management
    • Vendor analytics

Chiefmartec also continues to provide links to their old infographics, which is handy. We agree with what they say: “It is fascinating to observe the growth of this space over the past 7 years (feel free to look back at earlier martech landscapes from 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2016)”

3 Criteria For Choosing a Marketing Software Tool

  1. It solves an immediate problem
  2. It will grow with me and other solutions I may select, including integration of data.
  3. It will not “steal” my brand equity; i.e. if and when I choose to stop using the tool, the volume of traffic to my website is not affected, nor does it impact the conversions on my website.

Thanks for readin’ … be careful out there!




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